Theresa May’s £107.7 million bluff

Theresa May has spent £107.7 millions of taxpayers’ money in preparation of no-deal.

This fund will be used to increase UKs shipping capacity in the event of a no deal. Research has shown ‘no deal’ will cause a significant increase in customs checks. Port authorities will have to check import and export are consistent with the standard required of them by EU and UK regulations.

This funding has been allocated to three different companies. If no deal is avoided, these companies will retain some of the money given to them by the government. The sum they will keep hold of has not been publicised. Even if the money they retain is a low percentage, it will still be a significant amount of public money given to private companies and their shareholder for nothing in return.

Some have seen these actions by Theresa May as a means to intimidate Labour, SNP, and Liberal Democrat MPs to vote in support of her deal if they want to avoid ‘no deal’.

It is however clear that Theresa May does not hold a majority to push ‘no deal’ through Parliament. It will be resisted by the remain MPs within her own party and by the rest of parliament. Only MP predicted to support no deal outside the conservative party is Kate Hoey – a Labour MP. Her local party has already voted no confidence in her. Kate Hoey is predicted to be deselected before the next general election. Her support for Mays government is seen as a means to sabotage the Labour party which she no longer has a future in.

No deal planning and the widespread coverage it is currently receiving has been interpreted as a supporting statement for the false choice Theresa May is trying to present: my deal or no deal.  

Most Labour MPs remain unconvinced. They will vote against her deal come January 14th. However,  It is unclear if the hysteria the no deal scare generates will be enough to persuade a large number of MPs to support Mays deal – even though they consider it to be almost as bad.

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