5 facts about Laura Kuenssberg

1: Laura Kuenssberg is the political editor at the BBC. A political editor edits politics-related content. Giving them the power to control how a story is presented and, thereby, public response to the story.

2: Kuenssberg reporting was investigated by the BBC Trust after she published ‘fake news’ about Jeremy Corbyn. The investigation found her reporting to be ‘inaccurate’. Following this incident, Kuenssberg featured in memes widely shared across Twitter and Facebook. One meme dubbed her ‘The Secretary of State for Propaganda’, while another meme equated her coverage to the news coverage in North Korea. Her false coverage also earned her the nickname ‘Lying Laura’ – inspired by Donald Trump’s nickname for Ted Cruz.

3: Laura Kuenssberg has a salary between £200,000 – £249,999 according to PressGazette. This would give Kuenssberg a salary eight to ten times the national average.

4: Kuenssberg would have to pay more tax under a Jeremy Corbyn government as Labour has proposed a tax increase on income over £80,000.

5: Laura Kuenssberg is the daughter of Nick Kuenssberg. ArticleBio describes Kuenssbergs early life as one of ‘lavishness and luxury’. The article states her father was a ‘huge businessman’ and ‘her grandparents were the founder and president of the Royal College of General Practitioners’.  

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