Jess Phillips is consistent: consistently hypocritical

Labour MP, Jess Phillips (who is recognised by large parts of the Labour party as more of an asset to the Tories than Labour) has started the new year by being consistent with her hypocrite reputation. On New Year’s Eve Phillips was advocating for kinder political discourse in 2019, but only 2 days into the new year, she has reverted to the abusive discourse which she is notorious for.

Phillips urged in a tweet for Labour supporters to ‘stop fighting All the bloody time’, and in the same tweet, she proposed, ‘perhaps we could stop thinking people are either the Messiah or they belong in the bin’. In a tweet where is advocating for fewer conflicts, she makes a statement which can be interpreted as a veiled attack on Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters. This hardly matches her rhetoric of wanting fewer quarrels.

Two days after making an appeal for peace, she relapsed back into her overt abusiveness: labelling David Osland, a labour supporter, a ‘knob’.

This is not the first instance of Phillips being a hypocrite. Earlier in the year, she criticised the Tories for restoring the whip to Andrew Griffiths. Griffith is known for sending ‘violent texts’. Philips, however, still maintains the Labour whip and has not voluntarily resigned even though she has used violent language in the past: she threatened to ‘knife Jeremy Corbyn in the front’. Again, showing the contradictions between her words and actions.

Phillips is also a rabid advocate for a ‘peoples vote’. Assuming this is because she supports public participation in decision making, it comes as a surprise when she actively attempts to dissuade Labour party members from participating at the local level. Using her social media platform to colour local members achievement as inconsequential.

Phillips has shown fanatical opposition to the democratisation of the Labour party pushed by Momentum and Chris Williamson. She partakes in smear campaigns against those that advocate for a democratic selection of candidates – only supporting mass participation when it is politically convenient.

This list highlighting the inconsistencies in her action is nowhere near comprehensive. It is only the product of thirty minutes of research.

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