2019: Fascism in January

A list of comedic and occasionally scary actions taken by far-right partisans.

1: Ginger have become extinct and it is the fault of ‘Globalism’. Two per cent or about 140 million of the world’s population have ginger hair. To the far-right, this number qualifies gingers for the same status as dinosaurs.

2: Donald Trumps has called for an opposition politician to assume the position of Venezuela’s presidency, under the pretext of alleviating the suffering of the Venezuelan people and restoring democracy. Meanwhile, Trump, as well as the rest of the political establishment continue to send arms, military and financial support to dictators in Saudi Arabia, and the butchers in Israel.

3: Man racially abuses Muslim girls from Central Foundation Girls Schools. After exiting from a bus, the man refers to the young girls as ‘black cunts’, claims ‘they will breed like fucking rats and that’s why we are not breading’, expresses anger about them having ‘Saris on’ – which no one in the video is seen wearing, and then concludes the video by advocating for forced sterilisation of these underage girls.

4: Prager U, a far-right organisation known for misleading reporting and advocating for unregulated markets took to Twitter to complain, after being harmed by the actions of a relatively unregulated market enterprise.

5: A woman in a green vest advocating for the removal of religious freedoms for Muslim. The far-right, who themselves, and themselves alone, claim to be advocates of freedom of speech are not so supportive of that right being extended to minority groups. Far-right campaigners seem to think freedom of speech is the freedom to abuse minorities with impunity.

6: Rachel Riley: a millionaire, a woman in discussion with Conservative politician Jacob Rees-Moggs about her political future, and a fanatical critic of the Labour Party. She has come out in defences of Count Dankula, a man who taught his dog to do the the Nazi salute to chants of ‘Seig Heil’ and ‘Gas the Jews’.

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