Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: A disappointment to Socialist everywhere

The newly elected Congresswomen is criticised for making false campaign promises and supporting Trump

Ocasio-Cortez: a self-described Socialist during her political campaign and a pro-war corporatist after it. Ocasio-Cortez became a social media darling after her insurgent win against a democratic establishment favourite. Following her surprise electoral success, she has backtracked multiple times and has aligned herself with the establishment she purported to be against. Supporting and legitimising a series of problematic policies pushed by Donald Trump and the old guard of Democrats – policies routinely rejected by Socialist due to their imperialist and fascistic nature.

During her campaign, she supported ‘A Peace Economy’. In support of this position, she described US military interventions as ‘acts of aggression’ and brought attention to their huge financial and human cost. Only a few months into her political career, she has made a complete U-turn and is using her social media accounts to promote pro-war narratives concocted by the Trump Administration.

In a recent statement to her social media followers -while discussing Venezuela- she advocated we ‘centre and empower the people of Venezuela and the will of the public’; insinuating the twice elected Maduro government does not represent the will of the people, even though he received an overwhelming democratic mandate – winning over 65 per cent of the votes. The elections were also observed by UN rapporteurs, who concluded, the electoral process was fair. Ocasio-Cortez has overlooked UN reports and has opted to promote a narrative formulated by Trump & Co. A narrative that would lead to a U.S. led war against Venezuela, placing further strain on the public purse, and cause the death of thousands of Venezuelans.

Ocasio-Cortez has also decided to interpret the situation in Venezuela and subsequent U.S. responses in the framework of ‘authoritarianism v democracy’. To her, the U.S., who is threatening war and a violent overthrow, represents democracy; and Venezuela, a country which still maintains a free press, right to protest, and all other human rights, is authoritarian. These remarks have earned Ocasio-Cortez derisions of a helpful idiot and political illiterate.

This is not the first instance Ocasio-Cortez has adopted questionable support. Shortly after her win, she endorsed Nancy Pelosi -the pro-war, pro-wall street, pro-tuition fee, and pro-private healthcare democrat- in her bid to become Speaker of the House. When Illhan Omar, a fellow left-winger, brought to attention corrupt Israeli influence in American politics through AIPAC and inspired rabid persecution by those who receive AIPAC money, Ocasio-Cortez remained silent. Showing no support for the easily verifiable and accurate statements IIhan Omar made.

In her short political career, Ocasio-Cortez has already made a number of compromises. She has supported the most ‘incompetent’ and anti-socialist democratic leader for the Speaker of the House; she has given a veiled endorsement of Trump’s foreign policy in South America; and she remained passive when a fellow Democrat, who advocated for an end to pay to play, was persecuted. So many U-turns, so early on, suggests, Ocasio-Cortez is unlikely to remain loyal to Socialist values.

Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign manufactured an image of someone dedicated to social and economic justice. Her short time in office has shown she is dedicated to one thing, and one thing only: a few more terms in office.

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