5 Sad Facts About Karl Marx

Unhappy moments in the life of the worlds favourite Socialist

1: Marx lived in poverty for a great deal of his time in London. He was financially supported by Engels. He was grateful for the support: in a letter to Engels he wrote ‘I owe it all to you, that this has been possible’.

2: Marx fathered multiple children, as was common during the 19th century, however, three of his children died and one was stillborn.

3: Marx, even though his name commands worldwide recognition in the 21st century, at the time of his death he was relatively unknown. Only 11 people attended his burial at Highgate Cemetery.  A short paragraph in the Times obituary was also written to note his passing. An unexceptional goodbye to an exceptional man. 

4: Elanor Marx, the daughter of Karl Marx and one of the few people who can understand his messy handwriting, committed suicide.

5: Marx observed his ideas being misinterpreted. This led him to state ‘all I know is that I am not a Marxist’. From its outset, Marxism represented a plural with various different interpretations, and since his death, the interpretations have branched out further. All Marxist ideas, however, stem from Marx and his astute criticism of Capitalism.

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