5 Lies Told About Venezuela

A short list of comical lies about Venezuela that have been expressed in the Corporate media.

Since the re-election of Nicolas Maduro in 2018, the United States has made a concerted effort to remove him from office using illegitimate and illegal means. In the process, it has employed many lies that could, in the near future, mould public opinion for a US-led war against the Venezuelan people. Corporate media, right-wing politicians and their hell-spawns, along with the chronically uninformed, have been utilising all means available to dehumanise Bolivarian leaders and infantilising the Venezuelan people.

Some of the comically untrue statements that have been made so far include:

1.    Fox News contributor claims her mother left Venezuela in the 1980s because ‘under Hugo Chavez… socialism was rampant, and it was ruining the country’. Hugo Chavez did not become president until 1999, and in the 1980s Venezuela had a right-wing pro-US government.

2.    Joanna Hausman, daughter of a right-wing economist, in a YouTube video claimed Juan Guido is the son of a taxi driver in an attempt to portray him as someone from a humble background. The Washington Post, however, reported Guido’s father to be an aeroplane pilot and his mother a teacher. Guido also attended George Washington University. The yearly fee for George Washington is over $50,000 – not something a Venezuelan taxi driver’s son could afford. Hausman also claims Guido is not a right-wing politician. A simple Google search of Guido’s policy proposals shows he plans to privatise oil companies. A textbook right-wing policy that hands over public assets to private corporations. How she concluded, ‘Guido is not right-wing’, is a mystery.

Joanna has told many fibs and half-truths in her short YouTube video. All the inconsistencies in her video has been brought to light by BadMouseProduction.

3.    Mike Pence declared Nicolas Maduro ‘a dictator with no legitimate claim to power, he has never won an election in a free and fair election and he maintained his grip on power by imprisoning anyone who dares to oppose him’.  Venezuela had an election in 2018, where the turnout was nearly exactly the same level as the 2016 US presidential election. Only difference being: Trump barely won, Maduro won a landslide. The election had opposition parties participate but barely anyone voted for them. Observers of the election also verified it to be open and fair. 

4.    BBC, Guardian, CNN, Fox and many other establishment news outlets reported severe food shortages in Venezuela. Videos by Abby Martin and various other individuals, who have been to Venezuelan supermarkets, document food is plenty but the price is a bit steep. Maduro attempted to help the people through price control, but the anti-socialist forces buy up the price-controlled goods and then sell it at an inflated price at the market.

5.    American politicians and newspapers alleged Venezuelan forces set aid convoy of fire. Video footage later released show the fire was set by people on the Colombian side of the border. Molotov cocktails thrown by anti-Maduro forces, and supporters of Guido, was the cause of the fire.

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