Fascists: What are they good for?

A short list of unknown and unnoticed talents of Fascists

Fascists are some of the vilest people in the country. That is unquestionable. Their negative qualities are apparent. What’s not apparent, however, is some of the things at which they are skilled – even if unintentionally. From having monitored them on YouTube, I have identified a short list of their talents.

  • They are great at being unintentionally funny.

Similar to Mike Tyson in his early career, on a regular basis, racists make comically absurd statements that will never fail to make you chuckle. For example, an EDL supporter claimed ’Muslim muslamic law’ has been imposed on London and there’s ‘Muslamic ray guns’. This contribution was a great source of entertainment and was even turned into a song. Another far-right supporter, in a hilarious admission, informed everyone that he is, in fact, a racist.

  • They are good at coming up with catchy and highly offensive slogans.

After Tommy Robinson, the career criminal, was arrested and later imprisoned, the fascist mob came up with the ‘oh, Tommy Tommy’ chant. The EDL, also, regularly comes up with catchy and highly offensive slogans, as multiple vice reports have shown.

  • They live by the feminist notion of ‘men should express their feeling’

When you are with a racist, you are never on the fence about where you stand with them. They express their bigoted opinions openly and regularly. Verbally abusing anyone and everyone without a second thought. Referring to anyone who they disagree with as ‘scum’, ‘mutant’, and anything else that comes to mind.

  • They are good at starting fights and getting beaten up.

Robinson, for example, has been videoed starting conflicts multiple times and then getting slapped, punched, and kicked. Despite his inability to fight he is prone to violent outbursts. When he does get beaten up, even though the far-right despise the police, he calls the police for help without a second thought. For a guy that is constantly talking about war, he doesn’t seem to be up for a fight.

  • Fascist have a good understanding of politics.

They understand: terrorism carried out by so-called Muslims helps fascist movements. In a VICE documentary, an EDL member was videoed wishing for more terrorist attacks. He noticed the public are much more receptive to their message and there is a bigger turnout to EDL marches after acts of extremism. The more terrorism there is, the more likely the public is to give political support to fascist groups, individuals, and policies. More terrorism, as the video shows, is exactly what the far-right want.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x3LZ7e281k

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