Amazon Workers Strike for Fair Wage and To Stop Workplace Abuse

Workers go on strike to win over fairer working conditions from Amazon. Inc. warehouse workers are going on strike to protest exploitative company practices. Working conditions have been described as ‘horrific’ as reports show employees unable to afford rent and forced to live in cars and other forced to pee in bottles to meet extreme ‘productivity quotas’.

The strike will impact one Amazon warehouse and the success of the strikes depend on spurring strikes in other warehouses and winning over political support from local and national political leaders. Collective social and political action, activists argue, is essential in bringing about permanent changes in working condition.

Amazon has been plagued by complaint over recent years. The company was referred to the Labour relations board over 50 times. Complain regarding mistreatment and collective abuse is a dominant theme.
Labour Unions such as Unite has been at the forefront of fighting for workers right and standing up to Amazon. Unionisation has led to significant improvement in the workplace for many workers.

Collective actions still continue in the campaign for a fair wage.

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