Jeremy Corbyn’s Goal To Decarbonise Britain Facing Resistance From Hostile MPs

Labour party takes action to address climate change.

The Labour Party pledged to set up a Citizens’ Assembly to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Certain Labour MPs and Councillors enraged by the Jeremy Corbyn landslide leadership election victory and ideological hostility have, however, acted to undermine environmentally sustainable policy positions.

Recently at Cumbria County Council ‘Blairite’ councillors supported LibDem and Tories to open a £165m coal mine. Peter Kyle, another hostile anti-Corbyn MP, has voted with the Tories to expand Heathrow Airport. This expansion is estimating to cause over 300 million tons of CO2 emission annually.  Peter Kyle support for this policy has to undermine the Labour image of a party committed to environmental preservation.

Labour leadership however is attempting to thwart off sabotage of environmental policy through the appointment of a Shadow Climate Justice Minister whose role is predicted to play a key role in informing, organising, and supporting already existing organisation in tackling climate change.

The leadership as well as grassroot member have shown increased demand for further support of decarbonisation movements and the leadership so far has been receptive to those demands. Further proposals, in regard to environmental preservation, are expected following the next Labour Party Conference.

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