Allistair Campbell finally accepts he is no longer welcome in Labour.

Campbells final spin: gets kicked out of Labour but makes it sounds as if he is leaving.

Tony Blair’s former director of communications Alastair Campbell, who has already been expelled from the Labour party months earlier, has said he no longer wants to be a Labour member.

The former spin doctor, Blair ally, and a key figure in the right-wing of the Labour declared he is convinced Jeremy Corbyn is unlikely to win a majority if a general election is called – despite his electoral success so far. Campbell has been critical of Corbyn’s leadership since the start.

In the 2019 EU elections, Campbell admitted to voting for the Liberal Democrats despite being a Labour member. Labour Members also chastised him for participating in ‘smear campaigns’ designed to undermine the chances of a Labour government. He was expelled for the former offence, but members welcome his removal for the latter.

Campbell is widely loathed by Labour members for his part in promoting the Iraq war and the role he has played in turning to Labour party under the Tony Blair into ‘Tory-lite’. Just like his initial expulsion, Labour members took to twitter to celebrate the end of Campbell’s affiliation with Labour.

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