McDonnell Invites ‘Anti-Corbyn’ Blairite, Alastair Campbell, To Rejoin Labour

Return of the Blairite: Campbell and McDonnell form unlikely alliance.

In an interview with GQ, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell invites Tony Blairs spin doctor back into the Labour party.

Campbell was kicked out of the Labour party after voting for the Liberal Democrats and admitting to do doing so on national television. His removal was welcomed by wide segments of the Labour left.

The Shadow Chancellor in the interview seems to be favouring Campbells return. In the interview John McDonnell made a number of questionable remarks:

  • Apologises to Alastair Campbell for him being removed from the Labour Party and urges him to reapply, telling him ‘Come back Alastair, all is forgiven’
  • labels efforts to remove Tom Watson as Deputy Leader a ‘fiasco’
  • says he wants a general election but there ‘must’ be another referendum on Brexit

Labour members quickly mobilised on twitter to reiterate their disdain for Campbell and the role he has played in the past year in undermining the prospect of a Labour government.

There are speculations of battles within Corbyn inner circle over whether to have an election or a referendum. McDonnell favours a referendum. A battle in which Campbell would be an asset.

Factional clashes is speculated to be a key reason behind Kerry Murphy’s departure from Corbyn office, and McDonnell’s positioning with Campbell is seen as a part of this wider dispute.

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