Jeremy Corbyn And Bernie Sanders Support Anti-Austerity Protests In Ecuador

Anti-Austerity Movement In Ecuador Receives International Left Support

“Let’s give a shout out to those people in Ecuador that are standing up against what the IMF are doing to their economy and their people,” saud Jeremy Corbyn at a rally in Manchester. Senator Benie Sanders also showed support, tweeting, “I applaud Ecuador’s Indigenous-led grassroots movements who stood up to repression and blocked the IMF’s austerity agenda. Economic elites keep pushing austerity worldwide, making life unbearable for working people. The U.S. should stop supporting this.”

The anti-austerity movement in Ecuador, led by Indigenous groups, succeeded in forcing the government to scrap decree 883 which withdrew fuel subsidies, and which protesters say would have triggered a huge rise in the cost of living. The decree was issued as part of an economic package in line with recommendations from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as part of a $4 billion-loan deal.  

Since this policy defeat the Moreno regime has started arresting opposition leaders under the pretext the protests were organized with their leadership. 

Moreno also revoked asylum for Julian Assange after assuming office. There were accusations the asylum was revoked due to precondition dictated by the US government. As the IMF is controlled by the US, any loan offer can be halted by the Trump Administration.