Political Discussion On Twitter Dominated By Highly Active Users

Older Generation Using Twitter To Partake In Politics

Highly active Twitter users create the majority of tweets around politics according to a report by the Pew Research Centre. The data published shows 6% of Twitter users accounted for 73% of tweets about national politics.

The data highlighted 69% of twitter user tweeted about politics only once or never. The data also brought to the attention the most active twitter user were polarised in their political outlook. Supporting either left or far-right politics. 

In terms of demographics of users, the study showed 70 percent of people using Twitter are below the age of 50 but they only accounted for 27 per cent of political tweets. Whereas, demographic above the age of 50 accounted for 26 per cent of Twitter users but generated 73 percent of political tweets. 

The data seems to indicate, even though Twitter is considered a platform for the young, when it comes to discussing politics, it is older users at the vanguard. This would also suggest, the older population is at the forefront of the polarised political discourse.