Laura Kuenssberg’s Propoganda Tactics Revealed By Peter Oborne

Oborne Names ‘Journalists’ That Act As Tory Mouthpiece

Peter Oborne appeared on Channel 4 and accused and “a very large number of very senior journalists” of failing to do “the job of a journalist”.

Oborne mentioned BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg and ITV’s Robert Peston as examples of journalists passing on Number 10’s leaks and briefings so uncritically that they “become effectively press spokesmen for Boris Johnson and… Dominic Cummings”.

This allows Johnson and Cummings to say one thing officially and then convey an entirely different – and often completely untrue – narrative in the public sphere.

Oborne declared journalists who should know better are “shamelessly” propagating Downing Street “propaganda and fake news”. He also named his own employer, the Daily Mail, as regular participants in spreading disinformation.