Johnson Loses Another Vote For General Election

In Office But Not In Power: Johnson Adds Another Loss To The Tally.

Boris Johnson’s latest attempt to trigger an early general election has failed.

Labour abstained as Jeremy Corbyn does not trust Johnson to stick to his mooted date of 12 December instead of bringing the date forward to facilitate a no-deal Brexit.

Speaking in the chamber, Jeremy Corbyn said: “When no deal is off the table, when the date for an election can be fixed in law and when we can ensure students are not being disenfranchised, we will back an election so this country can get the government it needs.”

Johnson is expected to make another attempt on Tuesday to bring about a general election. The Government will put forward a one-line bill.

Corbyn is expected to support the one-line bill, subject to guarantees on the right of students to vote – a December election risks many being outside their registered voting constituency – and satisfactory measures to avoid a no-deal Brexit. Adding Labour would look at the bill and scrutinise it.