Matt Hannock Want NHS To Carry Out Genome Sequencing.

Hannock Makes Medically Illiterate Proposal To Help NHS

Matt Hancock, the UK’s Health Secretary, has said he wants to see genome sequencing as part of the National Health Service (NHS), reported by The Telegraph:

“My ambition is that eventually every child will be able to receive whole genome sequencing along with the heel prick test [a basic test for genetic conditions],” he told the conference. “We will give every child the best possible start in life by ensuring they get the best possible medical care as soon as they enter the world. Predictive, preventative, personalised healthcare — that is the future of the NHS — and whole genome sequencing and genomics is going to play a huge part in that,” he said.

Touch DNA is mostly guesswork, and that crime lab testing is beset with problems. Moreover, a mistaken belief that DNA is infallible can lead to actions that do not benefit the parties involved. 

This suggestion by Hannock is seen as a manoeuvre to address the crisis of NHS service that has been brought about due to Tory austerity. Illogical innovation is being advertised as a credible solution to widespread funding gaps.