Keith Vaz Blocked By NEC From Standing As Labour Candidate

MP That Offered To Buy Drugs For Rent Boys Will Not Be An MP After 12th December

Former Labour MP Keith Vaz has announced he will not stand again for re-election. Vaz had been censured by Parliament over an offer to buy drugs for rent boys and had not been endorsed by Labour’s National Executive Committee, but there had been reports he planned to stand as an independent.

Vaz was also involved in the re-suspension of Chris Williamson. After Williamson was reinstated by a three-person NEC panel that included Vaz and right-wing MPs reacted with outrage, Vaz claimed he had been incompetent to participate in the decision because he was taking drugs for a medical condition. A high court judge ruled the decision to resuspend Williamson on the basis of Vaz’s change of heart unlawful.