Labour Makes Significant Gains In Poll

Change Is Coming

Tonight’s BBC Question Time leaders’ special saw Jeremy Corbyn navigate even the toughest audience questions with assurance and humanity – even managing to win over some hostile questioners – while Boris Johnson endured a bumbling car crash only matched by Jo Swinson’s disastrous performance.

But almost unmarked, the last two polls before the Question Time programme – one based on data taken even before Tuesday’s first head-to-head between Corbyn and Johnson – showed Labour taking a significant bite out of the Tories’ lead.

PanelBase’s latest poll, based on data from 20-22 Nov, shows Labour gaining three percent on the Tories.

YouGov – which tends to understate Labour’s popularity among voters – shows Labour gaining a huge five points on the Tories in just four days. The YouGov data was gathered 18-19 November – almost entirely before Tuesday’s head-to-head.

Labour’s momentum was continuing to increase even before Corbyn outshone Johnson tonight – and was greeted by a huge, excited crowd as he entered the venue. Tonight’s showing on the BBC should fill Labour’s supporters and activists with even greater hope and vigour.