Tory Plan To Sell The NHS Revealed

Jeremy Corbyn Has Revealed Previously Redacted Document That Details Tory Plan For NHS.

In a massive moment of the 2019 general election campaign, Jeremy Corbyn has revealed the full, unredacted papers of the Tories’ negotiations with Donald Trump to massively inflate the price the NHS pays for drugs – and to give US corporations control of the NHS.

During last week’s TV debates, Boris Johnson denied these plans existed, calling them ‘pure invention’.

He lied:

The unredacted papers make clear that:

  • current UK government Cabinet ministers were present in these meetings
  • USA ‘Big Pharma’ access to the NHS is not only specifically ‘on the table’ – but are even “a key consideration going forward
  • if the Tories get back into government, there would be “all to play for” – everything in the NHS will be for sale