Labour Goes On The Offensive Against ‘Tory Media’

Labour leader and senior team all speak out as media bias plumbs new depths

Monday was a day on which the naked bias of Establishment media reached new depths, with senior BBC and ITV journalists parroting a blatant – and proven – lie that a Tory aide had been ‘punched in the face’ by a Labour activist at a hospital.

There was no fact-checking before publication and the journalists were forced to retract the claim when video evidence disproved it – but of course, the BBC and co did not feature the lie in their news bulletins, as they should have done under general election laws.

But it seems Jeremy Corbyn and his front bench team collectively decided enough is enough.

Corbyn and an array of his Shadow Cabinet – including John McDonnell, party chair Ian Lavery, Dawn Butler and others – went on the offensive on social media, taking on the disgraceful, unprofessional amplification of a desperate Tory lie:

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