John Mann Comes After Left-Wing Media Outlets

John Mann Comes After ‘Corbyn Supporting Media Outlets’ After Being Made A Peer By The Conservatives.

John Mann, now truly out in the open as a Tory-made peer and wearing his peerage proudly in his Twitter handle, is coming for the left media. Using his role as Boris Johnson’s ‘antisemitism tsar’, he has announced an investigation into the left media. With no trace of irony, he named the Canary in his announcement.

The founders of the Canary are Jewish.

Mann, who resigned as an MP before the election to take up his Tory peerage and job, has a track record of anti-Gypsy discrimination and has been blamed by local Gypsy Travellers for making their lives a misery. He was interviewed by police in a hate-crime investigation, after putting out a leaflet that included them in a list of anti-social nuisances.