Laura Kuensberg Accused of Doing ‘Tory Leg-Work’.

11 December episode conspicuous by absence from programme’s catch-up home-page.

This was a problem on at least two counts. Electoral law forbids the counting of postal votes before polling stations close on election day. It similarly forbidsany reporting of indication about how postal votes might be going, as either might influence the turnout or votes of those casting their ballots on polling day itself.

In spite of widespread outrage, the BBC at first hesitated to comment on the breach – and then when it did, the broadcaster said it didn’t think either it or Ms Kuenssberg had breached electoral law.

But it seemed that the BBC was not as confident of this as it claimed. While such BBC broadcasts are normally available on the Corporation’s ‘iPlayer’ catch-up service within an hour or two of their live transmission, the 11 December episode is still missing today.