Three things to expect from Boris Johnsons government.

Aims of the Johnson regime include privatisation, deregulation, and demonisation.

  1. Attack on public services.

Selling public assets to private companies is a key aim of the Conservatives. Under Thatcher, British Steel, British Petroleum, water and electricity infrastructure were sold. She also sold over a million council homes; a popular policy at the time but now causing mass misery. David Cameron sold 60 percent of Royal Mail and introduced £9000 tuition fee for students. Under Boris, the same policies are set to continue, with leaked documents revealing plans to privatise parts of the NHS. Institutions designed to meet public need will become vehicles to satisfy corporate greed.

  • Attack on the environment and workers’ rights.

The economy will be deregulated under the pretext of ‘more freedom’. The question of ‘freedom for who?’ will be overlooked. Is it freedom for manufactures to dump waste onto public lands? Freedom for fracking companies to drill for shale gas despite it causing earthquake and poisoning water supplies? Freedom for employers to pay ‘starvation wage’ and ignore workplace safety? Freedom from regulations that prevent discrimination in the workplace? Freedom for councils and private developers to put flammable cladding on buildings? Under Johnson there will be ‘more freedom’: freedom to maximise profit at the expense of workers, public safety, and the environment.

  • Attack on ethnic and religious minorities.

Derogatory words used by Johnson – letterbox, picanninies, bumboys – will become part of the vocabulary of many more Britons. Similar to Trump, hostile words will be accompanied by hostile policies. Currently U.S. state bodies are undertaking mass detention of Mexicans at the US-Mexico border and hunting down Latin resident in the US. The same possibility is present here as seen already by the illegal deportation and persecution of the Windrush Generation.