Boris Johnson’s Government: How to Resist A Right Wing Administration

Three steps to maintaining your rights under Johnsons Government.

  • Join a Union.

Unions have been at the forefront on fighting for workers’ rights and public ownership of institutions integral to public health and quality of life. The NHS was set up by Nye Bevan. Bevan was a union member of South Wales Miners Federation. Nelson Mandela, a union member and an avowed socialist, led the fight against apartheid in South Africa. The fight against segregation was led by socialists and communists, a vast number of who were union members and were ardent supporters of Martin Luther King. Currently, Unite, PCS, Unison, RMT funding, training and organising members of the public to oppose privatisation of NHS, social housing, and universities. Anyone can join a Union. Membership fees range from £4.50 a month to a maximum fee of £15 a month.

  • Boycott companies.

Taking collective action such as protests, demonstrations, mass campaigning, etc. needs to be accompanied by private actions of boycott. Boycotting companies like Amazon, Asda, McDonalds, and Uber are key ways to ensure these companies cannot exploit their workers with impunity. Hurting the bottom line is a key way to display to companies that exploitative employment practices will not pay. Taking the incentives away from right-wing governments to deregulate the economy.

  • Organise locally alongside left movements.

Organised movements are much more difficult to counter than isolated actions. Any movement is only as successful as the motivation of its members, the funding at its disposal, and the skills of the people involved. Organising locally with people who share similar interest. People are able to challenge state actions much more effectively by pooling together their resources and skills. This can include taking legal actions collectively or organising parallel bodies to inform, win power and ultimately reorganising institutions to meet public need rather the maximise profit.