Brexit Party Candidate Wants The Homeless To Literally Get In The Bin.

Multimillionaire thinks putting homeless people in bins is the next million dollar idea.

Multimillionaire Peter Dawe, former Brexit Party candidate, has ‘crafted a pod’ out of two wheelie bins as a solution rough sleeping. 

Dawe created this device, later named the ‘sleep pod’ out of two red wheelie bins, which turn on a hinge to create enough room for someone to lie down in. The entrepreneur says the ‘invention’ costs just £100.

Previously a homeless man, Russell Lane, sleeping in a wheelie bin, died after being crushed by a rubbish truck. His legs were severely crushed after the empty bin he was sleeping in was emptied into the lorry. He died of an infection and ruptured artery in his leg. 

Unite’s national officer Matt Draper said: “Peter Dawe’s idea is dangerous and grossly offensive. Our members who work in the refuse sector already have to check bins to prevent people being crushed to death in the back of lorries. Encouraging more people to seek shelter in bins is extremely irresponsible. 

Member of the Labour party argued to end homelessness more homes at affordable prices needs to be built and a welfare system that prevents homelessness.