Blairites make move in Scotland with attempt to depose Leonard

Right-wingers in Scottish Labour are making their move to topple leader Richard Leonard. In a move reminiscent of the coordinated 2016 resignations that failed to remove Jeremy Corbyn, a right-wing MSP has resigned from Leonard’s front bench to join two other MSPs in calling for Leonard to step down – and they’ve chosen a day on which Leonard won a significant victory for the people of Scotland to do it.

The trio are citing Labour’s low ratings in Scotland, but neglect – of course – to recognise that Labour was destroyed in Scotland by two of their own: right-wingers Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale, who led the party to the 2015 disaster in which it lost 40 of its 41 seats. A disastrous decision by the Labour right in Scotland, to join the Tories on a platform campaigning for a no vote in the Scottish independence referendum, threw away a dominance that had seen Labour win the largest share of the vote in Scotland for more than half a century.

Even the 2017 Corbyn surge was only able to partially reverse that catastrophe and the gains were undone in 2019 after two more years of right-wing sabotage – but, as in England, the right now wants to rewrite history and blame disaster on the left.